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New Menu Drops Thursday, August 5th 8pmCST and stays live until Friday, August 27th 6pmCST

Shipping to U.S. & Canada. 

Texas gets next day shipping. All other states get 2 Day Express


Neon Sugar High

Base: Cotton Candy 

Mix-ins: Sixlets, Golden Oreos, White Chocolate Chunks

Toppings: Neon sprinkles

Fancy Dalgona

Base: Chocolate Hazelnut

Mix-ins: Hazelnut Oreos, Rolo’s, Caramel Bits, Dove Caramel Chocolate, Valrhona Azelia Hazelnut Chocolate, Stroopwafel

Stuffing: Ferrro Rocher

Toppings: Malt Ball, Nutella

Miss World Wide

Base: Jasmine

Mix-ins: Strawberries, Yogurt Chips, Coconut Butter Cookies

Toppings: Strawberry Chocolate and Strawberries

TGIM (Thank Guava It’s Matcha)

Base: Matcha

Mix-ins: Guava Chunks

Stuffing: Coconut Chocolate Truffle

Toppings: Guava Chocolate and shredded coconut streusel

Happy Trails

Base: Peppercorn Chili 

Mix-ins: Fiesta Trail Mix (Spicy Peanuts, Crispy Sesame Sticks, Spicy Cheese Crunchies), Valrhona Almond Chocolate, Spricots

Toppings: Dulcey Covered Pretzels

The Kingsmen

Base: Caramel

Mix-ins: Butterfinger, Snicker, Babe Ruth, Cap N Crunch Berries Cereal

Toppings: Raspberry White Chocolate with Cap N Crunch Berries Cereal

Pop It

Base: Caramel

Mix-ins: Blueberry, Strawberry, & Cherry Poptarts

Toppings: White Chocolate Strawberry, Mini Poptarts, and Fruity Pebbles

The Hound Dog

Base: Caramel

Mix-ins: S’Mores & Cookies N Cream Poptarts, Hershey’s Cookies N Cream Chocolates, and Marshmallows

Stuffing: Double Stuff Oreo and Twix

Toppings: White Chocolate and Oreo Crumbs

Chocolate Chunk

Base: Browned Butter Caramel

Mix-ins: Valrhona Chocolates

Ube Crinkle

Base: Filipino Ube 

The Zoey Bar

Base: Ube

Mix-ins: Lindt Coconut White Chocolate Bar, Golden Oreo’s, Raffaello’s, Fruity Pebbles

Toppings: White Chocolate, Funfetti Fudge, Fruity Pebbles