• #1Why cereal treats?

    I think the better question is, why not cereal treats?
    Everyone loves cereal. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the most delectable midnight snack. No one, however, likes when that cereal gets soggy or cuts the roof of your mouth.
    Here at Cereal Killers we offer the perfect solution to both of those problems while creating a delicious handheld snack on the go.
  • #2Are Cereal Killers vegan, dairy free, nut free, and gluten free?

    Great question. All of my flavors can be made dairy free. Unicorn Swirl and Triple Chocolate "gluten free" but are made in a facility that is not 100% gluten free.
    All of the other flavors, with the exception of cookie based ones, can be made gluten free upon request.
    Everything in my kitchen, unfortunately, has come in to contact with peanuts. We are working on gaining a larger space so that we can have a "nut free/ allergy free" zone. Please check back.
    I can make vegan treats with one weeks notice. The shelf life is not long so they must be eaten within 2 days.
  • #3Why don't you use every cereal ever made?

    Not every cereal can be a Killer. Some cereals just aren't made to with stand the process of turning them into gooey treats. Some go stale, hard, or crumble right away. When a cereal can't be turned into a Killer we Weill try to utilize limited edition flavors to the best of our abilities.
    Here's a list of a few that don't make the cut.
    Sour Patch Kids Cookie Crisp Lucky Charms Corn Pops Apple Jacks
  • #1Do you donate?

    As a brand new and still very small business that is already donating a portion of monthly sales to local non-profits, we do not. We just can't afford that yet. However we do offer very special discounts to certain organizations that are needing donations, fundraisers, or items for silent auctions. Please send us an email to info@cerealkillersweets.com to inquire. Also, if you feel that your non-profit would benefit from being one of my monthly charities please send an email as well.
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