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Cereal Killer Sweets offers a variety of novelty flavored rice crispy treats & unique candies!
Every purchase helps a non-profit here at Cereal Killer Sweets! We donate a percentage of sales every month to our charity of the month!

Megan Morales

Chef and Owner

Meet Megan, our amazingly talented owner who created Cereal Killer Sweets out of a love for baking & true crime.

After growing up around her mom's bakery, Megan always dreamed of one day owning her very own bakery. In 2016, she opened Pink's Popcorn, specializing in flavorful popcorn options. One day, she was craving her favorite sweet, rice crispy treats. After making a huge batch, she decided to share some with her customers at Pink's. The response was incredible, which sparked a new business idea.

In February 2019, Megan closed Pink's Popcorn to focus on her new venture with Cereal Killer Sweets!
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